woman staying hydrated

Hydration Nation!

Okay, what do hangovers, athletic performance, constipation, and headaches all have in common? You guessed it. Dehydration!
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Covid-19, CoronaVirus

This blog was written on January 24, 2020. Much has changed since then. For more, please visit my segment on NBC’s California Live . You can also stay up to date with my daily live Facebook Q and A, by visiting my Facebook Page @NurseBarbDehn.
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Hand Washing

Lather Up! It’s National Handwashing Awareness Week.

Maybe it’s gotten a little lax over the years? Wiggling your fingers under the water for a few seconds really doesn’t count.
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10 Ways to Give: Generosity of Spirit

Are you searching for the perfect gift for someone or many people you care about?
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