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These checklists will help your office provide comprehensive care and keep track off all the tasks and educational information your pregnant patients need.

OB Providers checklist

Provider Checklist for Prenatal Patients

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provider_checklistAssistant Checklist for Prenatal Patients

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Blue Orchid Guides

Your Personal Guides to Health are used by Women’s Health Care Providers around the country to help educate their patients. These Guides are used in University Hospitals and in private practices. Used by over 3.8 million women, Your Personal Guides to Health also help OB providers efficiently educate their patients and can help reduce malpractice premiums.

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PregGeneralCover-smallYour Personal Guide Pregnancy
“Having all the information you need about your pregnancy in one place means more peace of mind.”
Nurse Barb

BF_General-2013-cover-sml Your Personal Guide BreastFeeding
“This quick and easy to read Breastfeeding Guide is a great resource for new moms. There is practical advice, to do lists, and reminders in each section that can help breastfeeding moms feel more comfortable.”
Kathleen Huggins, RN, MS.

MenoCover-smallYour Personal Guide Menopause
“This is a wonderful, comprehensive guide to the changes that can occur in menopause. I’d recommend it to all women approaching or experiencing menopause.”
Irene Wapnir, M.D.

PregGeneralSpanCover-smallTu Guía Personal del Embarazo
“Tener toda la información que necesita sobre su embarazo en un solo lugar significa mayor tranquilidad.”
Nurse Barb