woman itching her arm during the summer

Summer Rashes and Fungus

Heat and humidity combine to cook up a prime environment for several skin conditions related to sweating that can make us very uncomfortable.
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woman breastfeeding her baby

It’s National Breastfeeding Month!

While not every mom can breastfeed exclusively for the recommended 6 – 12 months, as health care providers we try to encourage as much breastfeeding as possible and provide resources.
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doctor's examination room with a table

COVID-19 and My Gynecologist

Can I go to my gynecologist right now? Is it safe during COVID-19?
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woman spraying a child in a purple tshirt with bug spray when in the woods

The Bugs of Summer – Avoid the Bites

Tiny Vampires We are gathering carefully outdoors more than ever this summer in order to stay COVID-safe. And who else likes to have a meal outside on a warm evening?
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