woman with chronic low back pain

Chronic Pain and Mental Health

Research has shown that when people are in pain, they very naturally limit their physical function, this leads to fewer interactions and results in many losses, including those activities which have brought joy.
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woman in jeans holding a menopause sign

Menopause: What to Expect

Maybe you’ve started noticing a few changes in how you feel and are wondering if this is normal, if it will go away or if this is the beginning of Menopause.
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Young woman laying on couch with hand on stomach and on forehead

Is it a Stomach Bug or Food Poisoning?

A more common cause of stomach distress is food poisoning, which does have a dramatic, secret agent kind of sound to it. It just means that something got into your food (accidentally!) that has made you sick.
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brain lifting hand weights

Keeping Your Brain in Shape – Training Apps and Tips

At all ages, our brains need a good workout, just like our bodies. We are now living much longer but our cognitive health is not keeping up, because many of our brains are not being challenged and strengthened as we age.
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