Sunshine on a field of flowers

That Sunny Vitamin

We might actually be getting more sunshine during Stay at Home than we did before the COVID-19 outbreak.
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Illustration of the vagus nerve from head to torso

Some Nerve! The Mighty Vagus

This nerve bundle controls our parasympathetic nervous system. This part of our nervous system is often called the rest and digest system.
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woman who has lost weight shows off how big jeans

The Sirtfood Diet (Yes, Adele’s Diet)

Dark chocolate, red wine, and Adele? All these good things are associated with the trendy Sirtfood Diet.
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middle-aged woman sitting on the floor against a white brick wall with her hands to her head from exhaustion

Menopause Tiring You Out?

Ask most of the women you know who are of a certain age about sleep and they will complain about a lack of it.
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