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Nurse Barb Dehn has received numerous awards and accolades for her work as a Nurse Practitioner, author and advocate for improved healthcare as well as for her work in philanthropy, corporate initiatives, and within the Silicon Valley community. As a Nurse Practitioner, media personality, and in-demand national speaker, she is often approached to collaborate on passion projects and programs that are close to her heart.

Nurse Barb began her nursing career in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Stanford University, where she had the privilege to be a part of the team that cared for the first children to receive heart transplants. Since then, she has worked with people from every walk of life and sees first-hand how much both small and large projects can impact people and their communities.

Nurse Barb worked extensively at a free clinic in the San Francisco area, an under-served community impacted by poverty and lack of resources. There she spearheaded an effort to bring Stanford University medical students and residents to the clinic to provide care for the community. Recognizing a great need for her at-risk pregnant patients,Nurse Barb partnered with a local chapter of the Junior League to create incentives for those who kept regular appointments, stopped smoking, and reduced their risky behaviors and habits. Nurse Barb’s program helped reduce the number of babies born prematurely, underweight, or in need of extended hospital stays.

A founding board member of the 100 Women Charitable Organization,  Nurse Barb volunteers her time for a number of community and philanthropic organizations, and is invested in creating a positive and lasting impact in the world. She is committed to highlighting projects, individuals and organizations that are doing good for their communities and the greater world.

To follow Nurse Barb’s work in women’s health, parenting, caregiving, healthy living, heroes, and symptom specific health conditions, please visit her blog and follow her on social media.

Nurse Barb Dehn’s Awards

Below are a few of her awards of great distinction that she is particularly proud of.

NPWH inspirations award
Barb was awarded an Inspirations in Women’s Health Award from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

AANP Award
Nurse Practitioners (NP) are dedicated to bridging the gaps in healthcare to meet the needs of patients in California. NPs, working independently and in collaboration with physicians, diagnose and manage acute and chronic conditions, prescribe medications, educate and counsel patients on healthcare issues.

CANP Award
The California Association of Nurse Practitioners (CANP) honored Barb as The Nurse Practitioner of Distinction for 2008! She received the award at the annual conference in San Diego in March. Barb is a proud member of CANP.
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TOP 30 Nursing Blog Award
Barb’s blog is a Top 30 Nursing Blog.


Top 50 NursingDegree.org Award
The blog is also a top 50 nursing blog from NursingDegree.org.