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woman holding up a paper stick with a red paper heart

It’s Cord Blood Awareness Month!

After childbirth, there is a small amount of blood left in the umbilical cord, the blood vessel pipeline that connects the baby to the placenta and mother.
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middle-aged woman sitting on the floor against a white brick wall with her hands to her head from exhaustion

Menopause Tiring You Out?

Ask most of the women you know who are of a certain age about sleep and they will complain about a lack of it.
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a bounty of fruit and vegetables shaped in a rainbow

Celebrating Fresh Fruits and Veggies Month!

So much advice on healthy eating tells us to eat more fresh produce, but we get stuck in our old habits–the turkey sandwich we always get at lunch is usually devoid of anything grown in the ground except for maybe a tiny bit of iceberg lettuce.
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scrabble tile spell out summer on the beach

Everyday Joys during the Summer of 2020

Regardless of our circumstances, everyone around the world has been affected in some way by the Covid-19 pandemic. The losses and changes are too numerous to count and the number
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alzheimer's hand being touched by a caregiver

Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

Alzheimer’s and dementia have touched the lives of so many of us. Not only the people afflicted, but their families and friends.
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Woman throwing her arms up in hope to the sun to celebrate being cancer=free

Surviving Cancer

There are more than 16.9 million cancer survivors in the US and different ways to describe the label.
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Nurse Barb

Barb Dehn, shares tip and her expertise on every-day health topics for you and your family.

Nurse Barb

Barb Dehn, shares tips and her expertise on every-day health topics for you and your family.