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Vaginal Steaming? What the…?

The proponents of vaginal steaming claim that the moisture, heat, and herbs, (often basil, mugwort, rosemary, and wormwood) nourish vaginal tissues and the perineum, promoting healing of many reproductive organ ailments.
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5 Forgotten Vitamins and Supplements

Many of us strive for a healthy, well-balanced diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, calcium and protein-packed dairy, plant-based fats and protein and fish.
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Glaucoma-PGOA, vision-loss

Glaucoma & Vision Loss Prevention

Glaucoma robs us of our eyesight usually without warning signs. Its most common form is called primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) and occurs when the fluid within the eye very slowly builds up over time due to clogged drainage systems.
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It Wasn’t Indigestion. It Was a Heart Attack

This is the story of an ER nurse who wants everyone to know how different a woman’s heart attack can be from a man’s experience.
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strep b

Strep in the Vagina?

Many people have heard of strep throat, which is caused by Group A Streptococcus.
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Is This a Heart Attack?

Women experience heart disease very differently than men do. Where a man might have crushing chest pain that indicates a heart attack, a woman may only feel a little nauseated or start sweating.
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Nurse Barb

Barb Dehn, shares tip and her expertise on every-day health topics for you and your family.

Nurse Barb

Barb Dehn, shares tips and her expertise on every-day health topics for you and your family.