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woman in pain

Coping Emotionally with Vaginal Pain – Vulvodynia

I have written about women having pain around their labia, vagina, and genital region, known as vulvodynia, also called vulvar vestibulitis.
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A couple of grieving

How Couples Deal with the Grief of Miscarriage

Even what appears to be strong marriages can be put under great stress by life events.
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woman with scarf on head getting kissed on forehead. she has cancer

Sexuality & Breast Cancer

We tend to think about sexuality as breasts and vaginas, but there is SO, SO much more to sexuality.
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woman on couch with flu or covid 19?

The Seasonal Flu, Colds, COVID-19 & You

Yes, the old-fashioned flu season is approaching, and even while we are focused on the coronavirus, let’s remember that influenza can also be a dangerous illness. Most of the time
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women hand on chest over a superimposed image of a lung on a grey tshirt

It’s Healthy Lung Month

Never before has the health of our lungs been more on our minds than this year. We learned of the devastating and tragic effects of COVID-19 on the lungs, then the fires in the western states brought dangerous air quality to millions. Sadly, both of these threats are still with us.
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woman standing near window with hand on face with a blue sweater with alzheimer memory issue

Advancing Alzheimer disease research during a pandemic

This is a special guest post by Dr. Suzanne E. Schindler, a neurologist with special interest and training in neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer’s disease.
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Nurse Barb

Barb Dehn, shares tip and her expertise on every-day health topics for you and your family.

Nurse Barb

Barb Dehn, shares tips and her expertise on every-day health topics for you and your family.