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wpman on toilet covering her pubic area

What Not to Put in Your Vagina

Are you wondering about jade eggs, also known as yoni eggs and whether inserting them into the vagina is a time-honored tradition?
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a modern couple dressed vintage doing the charleston dance

Creaky Knees? Help for Aching Joints

About one-third of US adults have reported having joint pain within the past month. Topping the charts is knee pain, followed by shoulder and hip discomfort.
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sack of tumeric powder on a wooden table

Is Turmeric Really Beneficial to Health?

Turmeric is a plant in the ginger family that adds the bright yellow to curry powder.
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pregnant woman holding a teddy bear to her belly as she sits

Varicose Veins When Pregnant – And Not

Though usually not considered a serious medical issue, moms-to-be are not thrilled to see these babies pop out along with their hormonal acne.
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two glasses of carbonated water with blackberries.

The Skinny on Carbonated Waters

Lots of carbonated water on the shelves these days; are they actually good for you, or should you stick to the plain stuff? Sparkling water is expected to be a 5.5 billion-dollar industry this year, and many new products are flavored with real juices and more.
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Nurse Barb in a pink sweater next to a Life Line Screening Divider in blue

My Life Line Screening Experience

“The opinions and experience expressed in this video are those solely of Nurse Barb Dehn and do not represent those of Life Line Screening.”  Hi, I’m Nurse Barb. I have
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Nurse Barb

Barb Dehn, shares tip and her expertise on every-day health topics for you and your family.

Nurse Barb

Barb Dehn, shares tips and her expertise on every-day health topics for you and your family.